Thursday, December 6, 2012

Add a little Christmas decore to your bathroom or kitchen with Dial Complete foaming hand wash.

The Christmas season is up on us and we are decorating out house with all the warmth of the Christmas season. We have wreaths, ....  But you do not have to stop there.  You can even add a little Christmas holiday spirit to your bathroom with Dial Complete foaming hand wash.  Their limited editions holiday designs are a great way to add the holiday decor to your house.      The holiday collection come in four cheerful designs; Santa, Snowman, Candy Cane and Holiday Scene.  Put them in your bathroom or kitchen to add the spirit of Christmas to your home.

As always these decorative bottles contain dial complete;s #1 doctor recommended antibacterial foaming hand wash.  The formula kills 99.99% if germs in the household setting while still being gentle on skin.

Here is what I think:

What is not to like?  I tried the Dial Complete foaming hand wash snowman pump and it is a cute and adds a little holiday decor to my bathroom.  I just love snowman.   

As you can see it is so easy to use my two year old can wash is own hands and that helps me out.  What I love most is Dial Complete foaming hand wash kills germs that is why I am hooked on it. It also smells good too.

Disclosure: I was send free products from Purex to review.  However, opinions expressed are my own and were not swayed by receiving free products.