Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Littlest Pet Shop party

We invited some friends over for a Littlest Pet Shop Viewing Party.  My daughter and her friends like to watch The Littlest Pet Show, and we excited to see the new episode "Blythe's Big Adventure". 

 It is a really cute episode about a little girl name Blythe Baxter and she moves to the big city to live in an apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop. Blythe also learns she can now talk to the animals and they spend their time on fun musical adventures.  They also work together to save The Littlest Pet shop from going out of business, by hosting a pet fashion show.  You will have to watch the show to see if they success in there quest. 

 These are the Penny Ling Panda Cup Cakes I made for my Littlest Pet Shop Party. They are so cute because they look like little paw prints.   They also taste as good as they look.  Best of all they are easy to make!

 This is what I received for my Littlest Pet Shop Party. Thanks you to Mommyparties and The Hub for the goodies.  Each girl received a Littlest Pet shop hair brush, lip balm and mask; not to mention we were able to watch The Littlest Pet Show's new episode "Blythe's Big Adventure".

 A part is not a party without the food, so here is some of the food I made for our Littlest Pet shop Party. We had Penny Ling Panda Cup cakes, Chocolate popcorn and fruit dip. I made some fruit punch to drink.  Since we had our party on a Friday night I made some homemade pizza for the kids to eat too.  

Here are the girls and their parents watching the new Littlest Pet shop episode "Blythe's big adventure" at my Littlest Pet shop Party.  It is a cute and fun show to watch.  

 Here we are eating some homemade pizza and other goodies at our Littlest Pet Shop Party.  After we ate our pizza I cleared the table and the girls made Zoe's edible diva jewelry.  The girls loved creating yummy jewelry with candy.  They all looked fabulous in their necklaces.   

 This is one of the girls showing us her Penny Ling Panda Cup Cakes. It was Yummy.

We also had some animals at our Littlest Pet Shop Party.  Here are the kids wearing there Littlest Pet Shop mask and 
edible diva necklace.  

We all had a great time at our party and cannot wait to see what new episode of The Littlest Pet Shop is next on the HUB.

Disclaimer: I was selected by Mommy parties through Mom Select and sponsored by the hub to host this party.  I did receive free products for hosting this party but all opinions are 100% my own.