Thursday, November 8, 2012

RL.Stine's The Haunting Hour party.

Have you hear about the new series on the HUB new series from R.L. Stine The Haunting hour. If you like scary kid shows with the unexpected, then this is the show for you.  I was chosen by Mommyparties to host an RL.Stine's The Haunting Hours party.  

To get everyone in the mood for a scary movie, I made some scary treats.  We had bat and "boo" cookies, vampire crispy treats and a Grave Yard (dirt cake).  I put little spiders all over the table for an added effect.

We also made homemade pizza for the kids to sink their teeth into. I made one of the pizza look like a vampire.  I love homemade pizza and the kids gobbled it up.

Here is an up close look at my Graveyard dirt cake. It is not really a cake at all. It is easy to make and even more fun to eat.  I used crispy treats to make the hand and the grave marker then I frosted them with frosting.  

Look at all the goodies the kids got to take home thanks to MommyParties and the Hub. I also made my own goody bags for the kids to put all their goodies into!  There were "Team Grampire" t-shirts, glow in the dark slap bands, "I break for Grampires" bumper sticker and Vampire teeth.


Games always make a party more fun.  We played two games at our party.  The first games we played is  "The Mummy Wrap Slap Race".  This game is where you wrap your team with toilet paper and run to get a wristband then run back to wrap the next team mate.  The first team to wrap all their team mates and each have a wristband wins.  Here is a video of us playing the game.

 This is one of the boys wrapping up his dad like a Mummy after "The Mummy Wrap Slap Race"

The second game we played was Vampire Jell-O Race. I placed a gummy worm at the bottom of a cup filled with Jell-O (and let it set).  The guest had put their hand behind their backs and use Vampire fangs to get the worm out of the cup.  Here is a video of us playing the game.

Here are the boys at our RL.Stine's The Haunting Hours party enjoying some food before the movie starts.

It looks like R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour the series is really scary (or I asked the boys to show me their scared face). You be the judge.

Here are the boys scared silly while watching The Haunting Hour series "Grampire". It looks like it is really scary.  All the boys said it was a little scary, but not too scary for them to enjoy watching it.

Marebear also got into the "team Grampire" spirit.  She liked trying all the sweet treat with her friend.  The Haunting Hour series "Grampire" show was not to scary for them to watch either.

Little brothers don't like being left out so this is my Little Man wearing his "team Grampire" shirt. 

We all had a great time at our party and cannot wait to see what new show is next on the HUB new series from R.L. Stine The Haunting hour. 

Disclaimer: I was selected by Mommy parties through Mom Select and sponsored by the hub to host this party.  I did receive free products for hosting this party but all opinions are 100% my own.