Monday, August 29, 2011

Elephant theme baby shower: The Cake and Games

Here is the elephant cake that we used for the Elephant themed baby shower.  I do have to confess that I am not the one that made this cake.  The Husband of the Mom To Be is the one that made this cake.  It was a really blessing to us for him to make this cake for his wife's baby shower.    If you wanted to check out their blog  click here. I do have to tell you that not only does this cake look awesome, but it tasted great too!

Here is the elephant cake I tried to make.  I frosted it battle ship gray because that is the color of a real elephant, but I don't think most people want to eat something that is gray.  To make the cake I used a 9x3 cake pan for the head and two small oval cake pans for the ears (you could use one large round cake and cut it in half to make the ears).

This cake looks like Babar the Elephant

I am not sure if the cake progression was better or worse as I added things to it.  It is really hard to get the trunk to look realistic.

Baby Game
Here is one of the games we played.  It is called the Candy Game. It is a fun game that guest will love.  All you need is a poster board, a marker (I used the Circut to cut out the letters) and candy.  Hold the board up so the guest can see it (without the candy showing.  I only put the candy up here so that you can see what candy goes with what word.  You will want to hide the candy from the guest.)

Then one at a time reveal the scrambled word to the guest and have them try to guess what candy it is.  You can read them a cue that I have written below.  The first guest to unscramble the word gets the candy.  Guest love this game because they get to eat the prize!

 Candy Game
Example your hint:  What are epidurals? The candy is lifesavers
Baby’s little laughter:   snicker
What do you call mom, dad and baby or if  you find out your having triples:    Three Musketeers
Breasting feeding: Milky Way
The hospital bill:   100 grand
What parents do when they find out if the baby is a boy or a girl: a shopping spree
What you never want to give a baby under one:  A bit-o-honey
Mom’s tummy after delivery: Jelly Belly
What mom says to Dr. Henry when he gives her an epidural:  Oh Henry
A contraction:  Crunch
Mom would not want someone that has these hands holding the baby: butterfingers

This is a very simple game, but we had tons of fun doing it.  Sometime it is hard to know who unscrambled the word first, so if you want you can come up with a tie breaker.

Baby Blessing

We also had a place where guest could write a blessing for the baby.  I know that the Mommy to Be and Baby E were both blessed by all the guest at this shower.

Here is one of God's blessing for all babies:

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;  I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)