Tuesday, July 26, 2011

True Love

It's Our 14th Anniversary

14 years ago today at 3pm in a little church in Reno, NV my husband and I said our sacred marriage vows before our family, friends and God.  I was only 20 years young at the time, but I knew that this man was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  He is handsome, generous to others and he will always stand up for the women he loves (that's me).  I am so bless to have such a wonderful husband.  He is not only the spiritual  leader of our family, but the physical and mental leader as well.  I follow him not only because  God has commanded me to do so (because God has), but because I have faith that he will lead our family where it needs to go.

It is kind of funny when you look back and think about the man you fell madly in love with.  I knew that he would be a great husband, but I never stopped to ask myself if he would be a great father.  I guess deep down inside I knew that he would.  I love watching him with our three kids.  He gives each of them what I cannot.  And I don't mean the obvious; a Dad, I mean the things that make a man a man.  Things like teaching them to be independent.  He is so great at letting them try new ventures on their own and letting them fail on their own so that they can learn from those failures.  He teaches our boys how to treat a lady like a lady.  He teaches our daughter how she should be treated by a man (he has set the bar pretty high for her).    He has given us the security in knowing that we will always have food, clothing and shelter.  But most importantly he has taught our kids what love looks like.  That love is a verb, it  is something you do, not just some thing you feel or say.  He does this by the way he treats me.  He does this when he kisses me on the lips, in the car at a red light.  He does this by helping me clean the house with a cheerful heart.  He does this when he says to our kids "Don't talk to my wife like that."  He does this when he make me a priority and take me on a date (without the kids).  He makes it look so simple, it is like breathing to him.

On is day I wanted to say Thank you to God for blessing me with this man.  Thank you to my hubbie for 14 glorious years of marriage.  "Thank you not only for who you are, but for what I am when I am with you." a quote from an anonymous author.

 I wanted to share some photo of us on our honeymoon.  Remember this was 14 years ago and time has not been as kind to me as it has been to my husband.  I guess three kids will do that to you. Laugh Out Loud!

Here is the two of us going out for dinner on July 26, 2011.  We went to Ruth Chris steak House and it was delicious!  We were going to go to a movie, but decided to go home and spend some time together instead!
  This photo was taken by my oldest.  He did a great job.