Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Best and Most Memorable Birthday:

So Today at 8:15 in the morning I will turn another year older.  I wanted to share with you my best birthday and Most Memorable Birthday:

For my best birthday I would have to say it was when I turned 30 years old.  My husband took me to a spa where I got a massage while he planned a surprise party at his parents house.  I had no ideas he was doing this and I was really surprised.  All my family was there and my dad (who lived far away at the time) was there too. We ate BBQ and had my favorite cake. I felt so special and loved.

For my most memorable birthday I would have to say my 25th.  At 5pm the day before my birthday there was a microburst (a small tornado) and there was a city wide  power outage and we lost power for a few days.  The microburst had knocked down trees and roofing and some houses were destroyed too.  Let me just say the focus was not on me.  My hubbie who was the manager at a local grocery store, had to spend the whole day trying to save food from spoiling in the summer heat.  But at  the end of the day we were all physical and emotional drained.  That night my hubbie and my son wish me a happy birthday and we made the best of it eating and playing a board game by candle light.

I wonder what this birthday will be like?