Sunday, March 30, 2014

What should I blog about?

For the last couple of months I have slowed down on my Blog posting. I decided to take this time to really sit and think about my blog and what direction I wanted to take my blog.  Sometimes I cannot help but wonder what stories I am passionate about and what stories my readers want to read.

I like hosting giveaway, but I do not want my blog to become a giveaway only blog.  Those blogs have their time and place, but not this blog.  I still want to host some giveaway, but I also want my blog to be more about personal stories.  I want my blog to be about my life as a mother, but as my Oldest is getting older I am trying to be respectful of his privacy and I believed it is time for him to start his own social networking venture.

As a mom of a child that is differently-abled I know that many of my stories lately have featured her.  I cannot help but write about what I am passionate about and of course her struggles in life and the struggles we go through as a family are my passion.  Marebear does not have a voice and I have to be her voice.  Sometimes I have to be the one to educate people on the etiquette of people with special needs.  I am not saying I am perfect and I do sometimes make mistakes, but for the most part parents of special needs children have to stick together.  We (parents of special needs kids) all belong to the same "club" .  We did not ask to join, but none the less we are card holding members.  

We (special needs parents) go through the same trials,we need each other.  We need someone that truly knows what we are going through.  We need each other to lean on for support.  I know this blog is a great resource for parent of children of special needs children, and I want to keep it that way.

I want this blog to be filled with useful, inspiring stories as well as information that is helpful to moms.  That leads me to ask you two questions:

What stories are you most interesting in reading?

What do you want me to blog about?