Saturday, March 22, 2014

We showed our DisneySide @ Home Celebration

As a member of Momsense I was chosen to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration.  Since we are Disney fanatics, I jumped at the chance to have some friends over to show our Disney Side.  My mind raced with all the different idea I had for a fun Disney party.  What would we wear and what would we eat?  The possible were endless and so were my party ideas.

So how do you show your Disney Side?  Well that is all up to you, but here is how we showed our DisneySide:

We started the year off my going to Disney World.  Nothing gets you more in the mood to show your Disney Side then going to Disney World.  We had the best time at Disney World and cannot wait to go there again.  We were sad to leave, but were glad we were going to host a Show your DisneySide @ Home Celebration.

 Next I had to set up the menu for my Show your Disney Side @ Home Celebration.  I made cute Disney cupcakes by using mini-Oreos for the ears.  I also made cutout cookies using Disney cookie cutter.  The cookie cutter shapes are mickey's head and hands.  I also used the cookie cutter to cut out shapes in my rice Krispy treats. Thanks to Disney we had all the decoration we needed. 

Marebear invited her friends over for a Disney Side @Home Celebration. If its the dress that makes she girl, all these girls are princesses!   All the girls dressed up as Disney their favorite princess.  My Little man wore his Olaf snowman shirt and my Oldest wore his Night Before Christmas shirt.  

What would a party be without games?  We played Disney's Scene It game.  It was a boys verses girls game night and it was a tight game, but the girls won (Yea).  If you have never played this game before it is tons of fun; it is a combination of video clips trivia and trivia card. 

Here we are at show your Disney Side @ Home celebration party.  We had tons of fun and cannot wait to go it again.  
After the party we printed some of our favorite moments showing our Disney Side using HP photo card pack I received in my party pack from Disney.  They are easy to create all you have to do is go For tip on how to make HP projects personal click here.
This is a sample of one of the cards I made showing off Marebear's Disney Side.
For more information on how to host your own DisneySide @ Home Celebration click here
You can tweet how you and your family show your Disney Side at #DisneySide. 

So go ahead what are you waiting for?  Show off your Disney Side!