Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moms Night Out Movie Review

As a member of Mom Select I attend a private screening of Mom's Night Out Movie in exchange for a review for the film.  However all opinions expressed her are my own.

As moms we love our kids, but that doesn't mean we do not need a night out to ourselves.  As a mom of three kids, I definitely needed a night out, so I asked one of my friends if she wanted join me for a private screening of Mom's Night Out Movie.  Of course she wanted to see it, so we heading to the movie theater.

Mom's Night Out Movie Review:

This movie is cast full of talented actors like Sean Austin and Patricia Heaton to name a few.

As the movie starts the main charter Allison, a mommy blogger of three kids, is trying to come up with a story to blog about while she tries to keeping her house clean.   As a mommy blogger and mom to three beautiful blessings myself I felt as if I was watching a story of my life.  Allison, like most moms, decided its time for a peaceful, grown-up only night out with her friends.  Allison, like most of us moms, feels overwhelmed by the chaos of life as a mom.  Allison and her friends want to go out to dinner together but they worry their husbands won't be able to take care of the kids by themselves but soon decide they must give their husbands the benefit of the doubt and leave the kids with them.  They will only be gone for three hours and what could go wrong in three hours?  EVERYTHING!

What I love most about this movie:

Mom's Night Out Movie is a fun comedy for the whole family.  There is no inappropriate language or crude scenes.  You can take your tween daughter to it and not feel uncomfortable ( that is kind of hard to do with today's movies).

My favorite quote from this movie 

Allison's husband Sean is talking about her "job" as a stay-at-home mom and says,
"Your job is...       Important.  I mean just look at them." ( looking at their children). 
This quote reminded me my "job" as a mom is important.  Every moment of everyday I am writing on the pages of my children's autobiography. Every little thing I do for them matters. They don't care what we do together they only care that we are together, but I will not be taking the baby to a tattoo parlor ( when you watch the movie, you will understand what I meant)!

This movie will have you laughing through out the whole movie.  It is full of funny and quirky one liners that you will be quoting for years to come. So call some friends and plan on getting together to see the premier of Mom's Night Out, it will be a night to remember.

Mom's Night Out Movie premieres on May 9th.

Moms' Night Out: Official Trailer

Looking for an excused to have your own Moms Night Out?  National Moms Night Out is May 8th to learn more click here.

Tell me about your favorite Mom's Night Out!

Disclosure: As a member of Mom Select, I  attend a private screening of Mom's Night Out Movie in exchange for a review for the film.  However all opinions expressed her are my own.