Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why New Year Resolutions don't work.

Today is the first day of the New Year.  It is full of hope and anticipation of what this year will bring. Many people use this time to make New Year resolutions.  It is the same thing year after year; lose weight, make more money,  be a better person, ect.  So why is it when February come we somehow lose momentum in our resolutions?

There are many reasons why, but I think it all come from making a resolution and not a goal. A goal is a plan you make to achieve a desire result.  Whereas a New Year resolutions is a generalize promise you make to yourself to do  (or not do ) something.  So why is it so hard to keep those promises we made to ourselves? The answer is simple; we lie to ourselves every day.  We tell ourselves we cannot do it and it becomes self-realization prophecy.  So what are we to do?
  1. Pray.  God knows what is in store for you this year, and praying with help you know what he wants for you this year too.  It is also important to read God’s Word.  How can you know what God wants if you do not know who he is.  Reading God’s Word regularly with help you to know him and understand him.  There are many daily bible plans available for free on the internet. (BibleGateway is my favorite)
  2. Keep it Simple.  For example if you would like to lose weight.  Don’t make a commitment to never eat chocolate again or to go to the gym and workout every day.  Most likely you will lose your momentum in a short amount of time.  Instead make a commitment to make the best food choices where every you are eating.  Make a commitment to walk and take the stairs instead of using the elevator.
  3. Goals.  Take each big goal and make it into smaller achievable goals.  This will give you a greater since of accomplishment when each small goal is met.  
  4. Plan.  Once you know what goals God wants for you.  Plan it out to make it easier for you to achieve.  

Now you are ready to start the New Year off right.  You can rest assure by the end of February you will still be on your way to a life God has planned for you.

What is your Goal for this year?