Saturday, May 19, 2012

Marebear and Woody Pet therapy

At the beginning of May our Little Mare Bear was in the hospital again with uncontrolled seizures.  She has a seizure that lasted a little over 30 minutes, and was rushed to Dell Children's Hospital of Central Texas. This is the 5th time this year she has been in the hospital due to seizures.  Each time we are in the hospital we ended up staying 3 to 6 day.  

Having a child in the hospital can be extremely overwhelming for families.  Since my parents have are no longer living,and my Hubby's parents live in Nevada, we have no family to turn to for help.  

When a child is in the hospital for an extended time period, they began to miss their home and if they have pets, they miss seeing and petting their pet too.

We have a big husky/ Alaskan Malamute mix dog.  She is beautiful, sweet tempered, and about 120lbs.  Her name is Shasta.  Shasta forgets how big she is and sometimes thinks she is a lap dog.  

While Mare Bear was in the hospital, she was able to participate in their Pet Therapy program. 

The Woody Pet Therapy Program at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas has brought smiles and comfort to countless patients since it began in 1988. Pets must be registered as a Complex team by the Delta Society and a DCMCCT Volunteer.  there is also a training program Dell Children's hospital has set up before the pet and guardians can see patients. 

This dog is named "Z"  he is a Great Pyrenees.  He has a great temperament (you can see that from the photo).

He wasn't sure about coming up on the hospital bed, but when I assured him we have a big dog too and Mare Bear would love to have him sit close to her, he jumped up. 

In this photo Mare Bear is still a little foggy from the anti-seizure meds, but she was so happy to see and pet Z.

To learn more about  the Woody program at Dell Children's medical center: