Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pizza Cake

Marebears 8th birthday Party:

We had so much fun planning and getting everything ready.  First things first I had to figure out the cake.
I wanted it to look like a pizza, but taste like a cake.

 So here is what I did.  I mixed a regular box vanilla cake according to directions.  Then I baked  the cake in a Deep Dish round cake pan that is 11" around.   I let it cool and then turned it out into a plate.  I placed it in the freezer for about 2 hours to make sure that it was frozen and the cake would not stick to the frosting when I frost it.  I used red frosting for the "sauce".  I was not able to get it red enough to look good so I went to my local HEB grocery stores and asked the baker if I could buy some of the butter cream frosting that they use.  I was able to purchase it from them for a reasonable cost.  I spread the red  frosting to 1" of the edge. I left the 1" edge  unfrosted so that it would look like crust.

 For the cheese I used white chocolate grated with my cheese grater.  For the topping;  I used fruit roll-ups for the pepperoni (cut into circles with a 2" Mellon baller),  for the green bell pepper I used "punch" green apple candy cut into 2" inch long stips.  For the black olives I used wilton's black decorative icing in a tube.  I would squirt a dime size amount onto parchment paper and then place a straw (the straws I cut to 2' long) in the center.  I placed the black olives in the frezzer to let them set. I took the straws off first then used a butter knife to get of the paper and place them on the cake ( I did this step last).

It was so realistic that one of the kids at her party said they did not want the piece with the olives because they don't like black olives. It was so cute, I had to tell them it was just icing.  All the kids eat up the pizza cake and their was none left.

If you have any question about how to make this pizza cake you can e-mail or post your questions and I will be happy to answer them!

I will post more about what we did for the party in a little while.