Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make Your Own Pizza Party: The Decorations

Mare Bear's Birthday Party Part 2

 I wanted you to see the invitations that we sent out!  I make them look like a post card.  I also make them 3D.  I cut out the "pizza" using a circle punch  I added color by brushing the end of the pizza with a brown color stamp. Then I used a smaller circle punch for the pepperoni.  For the cheese I cut had a die cut that cut out rectangles.  I used a green pin for the green line and a red pen and a ruler for the red checker board.  For the rest of it I used Microsoft Publisher.     

Now for the decorations.  I mostly used ballons and "happy birthday" banners, but I was able to make this fun banner that says "Marion's Pizzeria"  we called it the Grand Opening of her pizza place.

We also made chef's hats for the kids to wear.  It as easy to make and inexpensive too!
Little Man and my oldest

You will need:

Tissue paper
Poster board

Cut the poster board in strips 3 1/2 inches wide (and as long as you need depending on the head size of the kids you are inviting.  then take two pieces of the tissue paper and and fold them in half.  Put on piece of the tissue paper inside the other.  Fold the both tissue papers at 3" over and over.  Now unfold the tissue paper and place it on the strip of poster board.  Tape the end (the part that opens up) of the tissue paper to the poster board.  Then tape the two ends of the poster board together. You can use your child head to see how big or small you need it to be.  finally you tape the tissue paper together so that it looks like a real chef's hat.

Mare Bear with her chef's hat

For the last part of the decorations I went to the dollar tree and bought checker board table cloth, plates and napkins.  This gave it a real pizzeria feel.  I also bought ketchup bottle and filled them with pizza sauce so that all the kids had to do was squeeze the sauce on their pizza.  

If you want more detail about how to make any of the decorations that I have listed her, just post or e-mail me and let me know!