Monday, May 19, 2014

Disney World: Changes to "Disability Access Service" pass. WHY?

A few months ago we went to Disney World.   This was our second time going and I have to say, Disney World just isn't what it used to be, at least not for kids with Special Needs.  Now I know Disney had to change it policies due to some people misusing the program.  I do not blame Disney for this; I blame the people that were misusing the program.  To anyone that told Disney they had a "special needs child" when they didn't, I say, "Shame on you!" To any person that paid a person to uses the "accessability" pass, I say, "Shame on you!" To anyone that used the program for anything other then what it was intended for, I say, "Shame on you!"

Here are some of the Reasons Why I think Disney changed its accessibility policy?

Complaints:  Did Disney receive complaints from people?  Are people worried a child with special needs will ride more rides than them or their child?  Let me assure you that is not the case.  For many different reasons children with special needs cannot stay at the park the entire day.  Some of the reason can include:  seizures, over stimulation and weariness).

Misuse: I have heard that some wealthy people were paying "disabled people" to have quicker access to rides.  I have also heard some people were saying their child was "Autistic" when their children has no diagnose of any kind.  I am appalled at this practice and think it is wrong on so many levels!  Just because there are "invisible" disabilities doesn't mean these family do not have challenges.  Why a family would lies about their child having a disability just so they did not have wait in line?  The only answer I can think is ignorance, of what our families go through.  Why should my daughter (and other special needs children) have to suffer for these people's evil deeds. It was not children with special needs that miss used this program, but they are the one that lose out in the end. 

It's Not fair:  Your right, I will give you this one.  It is not fair that my daughter will wheel up to a ride after you and get to go on the ride before you.  But you know what else is not fair? I will most likely out-live my daughter. I have to feed, diaper and talk for my 10 year old daughter.   When you put that in perspective of waiting a little longer in line so that I might have one more precious memory with my daughter before she leaves this earth it doesn't seem so unfair.  One more memory of our family at Disney World, " the Happiest Place on Earth" as I am laying in my bed crying because I miss her so much and can no longer hug her or kiss her little face.  So you’re right it's not fair.

The problem with this change in program is it does not make the person that misused the program suffer, but the families with a special needs child are the ones that ultimately suffer.  This change in their program has turned a Magical adventure into a few days of ordinary life.   We are still dealing with the same issues we have to deal with in our city and towns.  Disney used to be the one place we could thrive with our kids, where for a few days we could forget all of our worries and really enjoy time with our kids.  But now Disney is just another theme park that doesn't care about the needs of special needs kids.  It is all so sad I could just cry, but it won’t change anything. 

I am sorry Disney, but your argument as to why you have the "new policy" called “Disability Access Services" pass is fallacy!  You need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan!