Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to school shopping deals at Office Max

Not only are my kids in school, but I am also talking an ASL course at the local community college. 

I have done many major shopping trips to prepare for this school year, but the one I am still talking about is my trip to Office Max. I like to watch the ads when I go shopping for back to school. On August 11th I went to Office Max to shop their ad and I scored big.

I purchased the following:
3 packages of Papermate Pens 10 package. bags for .10 cents each
3 packages 24ct. crayons for .05 cents each
2 Number 2 pencils 10 packages .10 cents each
3 packages of filler paper 100 count .50 cents each
1 clear Zippered Binder Pocket .50 cents
2 Basic Poly 3 Prong Folder . 50 cents each
5 composition notebook for FREE when you spend $5.00
( I bought a bottle water to drink)
My total came to $3.95 cents
WOW, what a deal. I have enclosed a photo of all my supplies so you can see all that I got for under 4 dollars.

Disclosure: This shopping experience is not typical, it was due to a specific ad for my local Office Max.  Anyone that shopped at this store was able to take advantage of the sale.  I did NOT receive any free products for this post.